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What ıs Tıme Lapse?

A photography technique. This technique, also known as "quick photo" or "accelerated video", is based on the fact that photos taken at longer intervals than Filmin's original speed (25 frames in the example) are converted into video.

For example; If you play 30 frames per second (fps) of photos shot at 1 frame per minute, 30 frames at a time, you will have a video that flows much faster than normal. With the video you have acquired, you can present the events that took place in a long time (nature events, construction, landscaping, etc.) in an accelerated manner.

Time lapse photography and videos are the most popular today: a production technique used for national projects, construction projects, major events and events, with natural events being followed, archived, and presented with a short video of the entire process.

We can generally divide Time lapse projects into two:

1 - Short time lapse: sunrise, traffic in a port during the day, establishment of a fair area, decoration process of an office ... etc.

2 - Long time lapse: photographing a construction project from base to finals for 2-3 years, photographing every moment of the construction of a ship, photographing a marina or a port during the course of the year.

Long time lapse videolars are needed today for the following reasons:

The most important issue in the Time lapse technique is the photo quality. In the video and TV industry, video resolutions called Ultra HD and 4K are becoming common. The final output to be obtained must meet expectations. Time lapse videos made with IP cameras, security cameras or HD amateur products are far from the intended quality.

Zaman atlamalı videoları oluştururken SLR kalitesinde profesyonel fotoğraflama çok önemlidir. Ayrıca, time lapse projesini yöneten kişinin fotoğraf için doğru konumu belirlemesi, doğru kamera ve lens seçimi, kameranın parametrelerinin doğru ayarlanması çok önemlidir.

Professional photography in SLR quality is very important while creating time-lapse videos. It is also very important for the person managing the time lapse project to determine the correct location for the photo, the right camera and lens selection, and the camera parameters.

Difficulties in long time lapse projects:

Site maintenance of equipment:
You can not operate a camera on a construction site for 2 years. It must be maintained in such a way that it is not affected by factors such as dust, rain, snow, and should be mounted so that it will never change unless you want it

Energy supply:
You will probably not find electricity in a nature project that requires long-time photography, and batteries are not a solution as they will run for 3-5 hours. In such situations it is necessary to create a solar energy, wind energy and a system that will store this energy and provide energy to your photographic system. Even electricity in the rooms is often irregular, interrupted and your system may be damaged, your project photos may be interrupted.

Access to equipment:
According to the fact that we can not wait for 2 years at the beginning of our camera, we can not control the system by going to the project area frequently and it is an indispensable feature to reach the system via internet and control all the features of the system.

Storage area:
The higher the quality of the photos you take, the larger the file storage space is required. Keeping pictures on the machine in a 2-3 year project is both risky and impossible because of insufficient storage. Natilon instantly transfers captured photos to the cloud server. So every shot is captured away from the scene on professional servers. Healthy photos are removed from the system memory. If desired, it is also possible to keep the system in backup for 1 week.

Technical problems:
Focus adjustment shifts, changing the frequency of photographing, changing the light value, etc. Going back to the sahara and maybe a pole at 20-30 meters high can put the progeny into a difficult path. It is provided by Natilon to receive health report about the system via internet, receive early warning notices against adverse situations, and control all functions of the system via internet.

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